New Construction process

Excavation & Forming


The process begins with excavating the backyard and laying the rebar/forms to provide structure for the concrete and gunite. 

Rough Plumbing/Electrical & Steel


The next step is to install the pipes for future plumbing and electrical. The hard shell of the pool will be formed around these pipes.



Gunite comes in a truck, much like cement. It is sprayed into the frame with a very heavy hose, and it will harden to form the permanent shell of your pool. 

Tile & Concrete


The tile you choose is applied by hand to the edge of the pool. Concrete is also poured and allowed time to cure before staining. We offer a wide range of tiles and concrete options.

Equipment Installation


We are dedicated to using what we believe is the best equipment for our customers. Every new construction quote includes installation of Pentair products due to their efficiency and dependability. 

Plaster & Fill


As soon as we are finished hand plastering your pool, we begin filling it with water! It takes roughly 1-2 weeks after plaster is installed until it is ready to be swam in!

Architectural Styles

Plaster Finishes

Tile Options


We offer a wide range of decorative and accent tile options for our new construction pools! Tile sizes range from 6" x 6", 3" x 3", 2"x2", and 1"x1". Tiles come in porcelain finishes and glass finishes. 

common additions

Automated Pool Cover

Automated pool covers are also rectangular, but we can design a freeform pool for a seamless automated pool cover.


Consider a modern in-line style or an eye-catching raised accent piece. 

Baja Shelf

Perfect for setting tanning chairs on, wading with the little ones, or jumping into deeper water.

Beach Entry

A small grade slope into the pool for a luxurious feel. We recommend at least 40' total length of pool if adding a beach entry because it takes approximately 6-10' to get to shallow end.

Water Features

Whether it's a fountain, spillover, jet, or more, we can give you exactly the water feature you are looking for.


Gather around the fire-pit for the perfect backyard event.

Umbrella Holder

The baja shelf, beach entry, or decking around the pool is perfect for adding an umbrella holder to add some shade and style to your backyard.

Raised Accent Wall

Raised walls can provide an avenue for spectacular water features, offer separation between sections of the backyard, or showcase the beautiful tile you've chosen.